Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why You Keep Being Unsuccessful When It Comes To Women

Think about this:

* When has a woman last cuddled up to you?

* Recently, have you kissed a woman that was considered beautiful?

* Have you walked up to a woman at a bar, and gotten her number within 3 minutes?

* When was the last time a beautiful woman called you?

Seriously, you're searching the internet for tips to help you out with women. How low is that?

Well, I have something I need to confess to you...

I admire you just a little.

It was only one year ago that I was completely UNSUCCESSFUL when it came to attracting and dating women.

I couldn't even do the simple things like:

* Know if a woman wanted to be kissed

* Get a phone number from a woman within 2 minutes

* Know when to hold her hand

* How to tell if she was sexually turned on

* Knowing if she was attracted to me at all

Now... I can go out, and meet and date hot girls. And it's all because I used to have what you have right now.

Desire and motivation.

I know you have it!

You believe you've sunk to a total new low with women, and you can't figure out by yourself what's going on. So you're seeking help elsewhere...

You may even ask yourself questions like:

* "Why are there some guys who just fall ass backward into the laps of beautiful woman after beautiful woman?"

* "Why is there a guy who I'm better looking than, always getting more women than me? (And hotties too)

Can you get the information you're looking for?

The answer is "Yes!"

I'm going to insult you. (BE WARNED!!)

The reason so many guys are USELESS when it comes to attracting, seducing and dating beautiful women, is because they don't see it through. They only are willing to do something that won't get them out of their comfort zone. In other words, THEY JUST DON'T TRY!

They might be almost to a premanent solution... then they give up!

So whats the solution?

Desire and motivation!

You already have it, otherwise you wouldn't be searching online for it. Do you have what it takes to follow-up on it?

Ok, I'm going to level with you...

You need to get professional help!

It might cost you thousands of dollars in shrink fees. You're going to sit down with a doctor, and he will keep you coming back for months, with each visit costing you hundreds.


You can take my advice, of someone who was in your position, and do something you'd wish you'd done a long time ago. But guess what? (It doesn't even matter what you look like, its all personality)

I'm going to give you JUST ONE SIMPLE resource that will CURE you're problem of not getting the kind of women you want.

Although, I'm alittle hesitant.

You know why?

Cause you'll probably read it and say, eh, that wouldn't do anything. Well.... YOU ARE WRONG! Get your life together, and take the advice of someone whose been where you are right now.

Here is the golden nugget:

My favorite resource is called Double Your Dating. It's written by a man named David DeAngelo.

Guess what?

Even though I'm successful NOW, I refer to it DAILY, still.... ONE YEAR LATER!

He covers everything you could possibly ever need to know. He goes through: the initial conversation, the secret to asking the proper way for a phone number, touching, conversational skills, using cocky humor, and sex. That's not it, he also goes INDEPTH into your mind, exposing weaknesses that are causing internal, negative thoughts that hurt your dating game.