Sunday, August 06, 2006

Attraction Technique #1: How to Instantly Spark A Woman's Attraction In You

Have you ever noticed this?

Whenever a guy is with an attractive woman, he would naturally want to attract her attention. Nothing new, right?

You will then notice, if she's really a 'hot' one, the guy will not only want to attract her attention, but he'll also want to try to impress her in whatever way he can.

He might be thinking that he wants to be different from the other guys. And what will he do? Well, even though his mindset is right, I would say that most likely, without him realizing it, he will do the obvious.

He'll be nervous as hell ie. he will naturally tend to talk faster, more abruptly, fidget & move about more, etc when he's with her.

Notice that some guys will even have their own lil' 'interview' thing going on in their head.

They'll have sort of like these pre-set questions that they'll be ever so ready to pound the girl with; lame questions ie. "how old are you," "where are you from", "what do you like
doing in your free time," "how's is your mom doing," "how's your dad doing?"...

Know what I'm talking about?

They'll just keep asking these questions non-stop thinking that this will actually keep the conversation going but honestly, don't you think an attractive woman gets asked the same 'ol questions all the time?

Same goes with the age old concept of being the nice guy who's there for her all the time, who does all the sweet things for her, buying her gifts and doing all those stuff that your parents normally teaches their kids on dating.

Now, don't you think that 90% of guys do the exact same thing all the time?

You see, when you do this, she can basically sense that you're being needy and insecure. Why do I say needy?

'Needy' because it gives her the impression that you need to do certain things; you need to practically 'work' your way to impress her.

It also projects a sign of weakness in your part. That you're just insecure about yourself.

Trust me, doing so will seem way too 'normal' for them.

They won't stick around when they sense this.

And women are extremely good in their intuition. I can't really explain why. Nor can they. But it's just something that they can just feel.

So, whats the best way to spark the attraction with women then?



Do the unpredictable that catches their attention.

For example, in this case, what you can do is to project a lack of interest in the girl whether or not she's there.

You see, I'm here telling you that it's perfectly OK to have relaxed moments of silences when you're with the girl.

It's ok if you have nothing to say sometimes. Often times what you should in fact do is to project a very laid back, relaxed, and confident air about yourself when you're with her.

You must project to her that you're really comfortable with your own self first and not just looking to pick up someone, and to impress someone.

You have to show it to her that you don't need to impress her.

SHELL have to be the one to do the impressing.

You're now turning the tables on her unlike the way that she expects you to do to her.

Get it?

Women dig this. Don't believe me?

Try them, then you'll see.

Talk to you soon.

- Simon Heong