Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dating Advice About Using Profanity Around Single Women

Should you use profanity around single women you are interested in dating, attracting, and seducing? Absolutely not! Especially around women you do not know well. And never, never use profanity on a first date.

Most guys use curse words in their conversations with other guys. If anybody knows about cussing, it's me because I was in the Navy for four years. The expression, "He or she curses like a sailor" is very true.

Even though I was exposed to a lot of cussing and did quite a bit myself, I never used profanity in front of a lady. It shows her lack of respect when you do. And it can be a big turn-off to single women who are sensitive to hearing foul language.

So, let me give you a few words of advice. It's ok to cuss among guys, but when you're with a woman, refrain from using profanity.

Once you get to know her better and she doesn't mind if you use a few cuss words, then it's ok.

In closing, let me make a comment on profanity in general:

If your vocabulary consists of every other word being a curse word, it makes a bad impression on either sex, especially in the business world.

People judge you by your vocabulary and how you express yourself. You can be an intelligent person on the inside, but if you have a bad vocabulary, people may think you're a real dumb ass.

You should always be trying to improve your vocabulary by reading and studying so you can express yourself eloquently. And this pays dividends by impressing the single ladies.