Monday, July 31, 2006

Tips To Keeping Her Happy

Do you ever wonder why the girl your dating is always pissed off? No, its not that time of the month, and she isnt having a bad hair day. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe its you? Sometimes men can do the stupidest things and dont even realize theyre doing them. Here are some tips to keeping your woman happy all the time:

1. Dont check out other women, or at least not in front of your girlfriend! I cannot stress to you how incredibly annoying it is to watch your guy gawking at someone else. We know you look at other girls, and we know you think they are hot, but we dont want to see or hear about it from you. Keep that behavior for when youre with your friends. This is a surefire way to turn her sweet mood into sour.

2. Tell her she is beautiful, not hot. A woman can hear she is hot from just about anyone, even the dude next to her at the red light, and well it gets old. Make her feel special by telling her how beautiful she looks today, or how pretty she is. Believe me, you will get a much more positive reaction then if you were to say, Baby, youre so hot.

3. Dont play games. Why do guys feel the need to wait three days after theyve gone out with a girl to call her? This is by far the stupidest game ever played. If you like her, then call her, whenever you want. Women hate sitting by the phone wondering if youre going to call. It makes us think you arent interested, so call her the next day, I promise she wont think youre too clingy.

4. Be polite. Remember, you are the man in this relationship, which means you should be the one taking care of her. Dont let her open the door, and dont let her pay for herself. This will certainly put her in a bad mood if she has to. And a bad mood means youre going to be lonely at the end of the night if you know what I mean.

Keeping your lady happy isnt that hard. Just follow these simple rules and I promise her mood will be more positive than ever before. And remember this, there are three things she wants you to do: listen, be nice, and give her attention. Happy dating!