Friday, July 21, 2006


It begins with you, and your attitude. There are a lot of misconceptions about what type of guys women date. Most guys start thinking, oh they only date the rich guys with thick wallets, or those supermodel guys who look super hot. First off, if you're looking to find a date, you need to stop comparing yourself to other guys. This show isn't about those guys with Porsches and Ferrari's, it's about you.

Believing that you can get a date will help you become more confident. If everyday, you think of yourself as a loser, then honestly, you will remain a loser. Actions have to come from you; the will to succeed and strive has to come from your desire. Sitting around and feeling like crap won't help to your cause, trust me.

Now that we have focusing on yourself, and confidence taken care of, most guys start to be very self-conscious about their looks. Let's face it, not everyone looks like Brad Pitt, and there's nothing you can do about that it's all genetics. What you can do, is start changing your habits and push them into tune. Brush your teeth regularly, shower everyday, buy some fancy deodorant (Axe, Old Spice), comb your hair (gel, hairspray), and most of all wear a comfortable yet good-looking outfit depending on where you go everyday. If your still in school or college, wear something casual, if you're low on cash, visit some of the cheaper stores maybe in an outlet mall and look for coupons. There's no excuse for not keeping yourself in shape either!

Now comes the hard part, facing the real world when approaching a girl. You have to break that shy bubble that you're sitting in. Being silent, and thinking inside your head of all the things you COULD be doing, will not benefit anything. If you're worried that you come to work everyday, and if you mess up your life will be ruined, then don't try to find a date or flirt there! There are a lot of social gatherings, clubs, theaters, plays, etc. where there are plenty of women to pick up. You should use this opportunity to experiment.

Start talking, and joking around, the most important thing of all: try to have some fun. You will be surprised by all the success, and even if you do say something dumb or silly, there's no need to worry because you're not going to be seeing that person everyday anyway. Hopefully these are a few helpful tips to raise your self-esteem. The key is to be confident, don't sweat, and have a good time.

International Master Franchise Agreements and Recitals

For those companies, which are going to start franchising Internationally they will have to modify much of the way they currently do business because we franchisee and abroad they will be dealing with different laws, different forms of government, different religions and different cultures. It is much different than franchising in the United States of America where for the most part the laws or at least similar. The new franchise agreements and an international Master franchise agreement should be drawn up.

It is for this reason and with much trial and error that I came up with a new set of recitals for the beginning of our international franchise agreements in my company. Below is a copy of the recitals that I came up with. Each company will be different, but perhaps this might give you some insight into considerations of how you might deal with the situation;

International Master Franchise Agreements and Recitals


A. Franchisor owns a major amount of proprietary know-how and trade secrets relating to the establishment, marketing, promotion and operation of businesses in the United States that provide washing and cleaning of automobiles, light trucks, etc. and related services (The Car Wash Guys and Wash Guy System).

B. Franchisor has expended time, effort and money to develop and protect business plans, procedures, training programs and marketing identity in connection with the operation of The Car Wash Guys and Wash Guy System.

C. Franchisor has rights in the United States and is applying in your country for such rights, to use and to license the use of the service mark and name The Car Wash Guys and accompanying distinctive logo and anticipates developing additional trademarks, trade names, service marks and other commercial symbols (such as marks now existing or as they may be developed hereafter being referred to herein as the Marks). The status of the Marks in your country is set forth in the attached Exhibit 2.

D. Franchisor maintains high standards of quality for its products and services such that valuable goodwill is attached to the Marks.

E. Franchisee desires to obtain the right to own and operate a franchised Car Wash Guys business on the terms and conditions set forth herein. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing and the promises contained herein, the parties agree as follows:

-------- ---------- --------- -----------

It makes sense for a franchisor, which is considering expanding its brand-name outside the United States of America to contact an international franchising attorney who also has contacts with other attorneys in the nation states and countries that you are considering expanding your brand into. I hope you will consider this in 2006.