Saturday, July 15, 2006


Dear Diary,

Next week summer vacation! I cant wait for Saturday!
I think Ill meet the guys at Speedys garage. I got this cool retractable box cutter. Well probably go out Saturday night and streak some cars. Nicky has it in for the Science teacher for always calling us down for noise. If I dont do that, I could go over to the Shop Rite and apply for that job cutting up cardboard for the paper drive. It pays twenty whole dollars for only three hours work. I could use the cash.

I found this old baseball bat at the lot. Me and the guys could climb that fence in the park and shag rocks at the windows of the houses across the street. By the time they find out where the rocks are coming from, well be long gone. Or I could meet the baseball coach and try to get on the Little League team as an advisor. I get to go to a Yankees game for free if we sign on as a chaperone.

One of the guys knows when old man Miller in the wheel chair is going to be out of town. He has this forty-five under his bed and its fully loaded. We could get it and scare some kids. The only thing is theres going to be his brother there, making a ramp for the stairs. He asked me to help build it but I dont know. Maybe I will.

Speedy says he knows where there is a car with the keys in the dash all the time. Its this Nissan with the cool rocket headlights. I bet they pop out real easy. Speedys brother is going to college next year and hes going to donate his project hot rod to the car club. Maybe Ill join and help fix it up for the car show in August. I bet I could make that baby shine like a mirror. Theres so much to do in the summer. So many choices, I cant decide. Oh, well, I have the rest of my life to live, as long as I have fun this summer.