Thursday, July 13, 2006

Use Your Environment To Meet More Women


Joseph Matthews here. I want to share a story with you all that I thought was interesting.

Friday night, I was out with a friend of mine clubbing. As we were walking from one club to another, we saw two women walking together in front of us.

These women were HOT!

So hot, in fact, that every guy they passed by on the sidewalk tried to talk to them. How did they try this? By saying things like:

"Hey, where you going?"

"Damn, you fine!"

"Hey, come back here, baby!"

Needless to say, these girls were completely ignoring each and every guy who talked to them.

It's a harsh reality that most girls who are as hot as these two were get approached by men ALL THE TIME, and have heard every stupid line in the book. In fact, they get approached so much, that they don't even respond anymore. They're just focused on getting to where they're going.

So of course, upon seeing this, I thought to myself "How would I approach these girls?"

The answer was pretty self-evident. In fact, it was staring me right in the face!

The situation was dictating what I should say to them.

"Oh my god! Every single guy is trying to pick you guys up! How annoying is that? You guys need to hire BODYGUARDS just to keep all these horny waldos at bay!"

This is an example of a SITUATIONAL OPENER.

Situational Openers can be the best way to meet a woman if they are done right. This is because this type of Opener is UNIQUE to the interaction you are having with the woman.

Not only that, but it shows you guys have a common understanding of the reality you are mutually experiencing. And that, my friends, creates a connection between the two of you.

It's like knowing the punchline to a joke most others have no clue about.

And more importantly, this is one of my most favorite kind of situational opener, namely, the "Crash and Burn" opener.

This is a situational opener where you capitalize on other men's failures, while conveying the illusion that you are different from the other guys and are not looking to get into the woman's pants (even though the truth may be VASTLY different from that which you are conveying).

For example, anytime you are in a situation where there are women you want to approach, and you see a guy go up to them and try to hit on them, this gives you the chance to use the "Crash and Burn" opener.

Simply walk up to the girl, and comment on what the other guy did wrong.

Saying things like:

"So, how'd he do?"


"Did it hurt? He was hitting on you pretty hard. Did it hurt?"

Or anything along those lines will open up your target for conversation. These types of "Crash and Burn" openers work great in high stimulus environments where girls are being hit on (like bars and clubs, for example).

So next time you see some poor schmoe strike out, be sure to take the opportunity to capitalize on it!

You can find out more about the "Crash and Burn" Opener, along with other Situational Openers in my ebook, "The Art of Approaching: How to meet ANY Woman, ANY Time, ANY Where you may be."

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Until next time!

Your friend,

Joseph Matthews

Engine Flush Systems

We recently did a survey of all the various engine flush systems for automotive businesses. For our company, The Oil Change Guys, we chose the Bilstein Engine Flush Systems. After discussing these state-of-the art systems with Rick Porras-VP Operations, we have determined that there is a reason that Bilstein stole the AAPEX-SEMA 2004 Show in Las Vegas. The Canoga Park, CA based company has several patents on the Oil Flush Systems and is the leader in the latest technology all of which were quite impressive and easy to use.
We are approving three of their best products for use in our services to fleet and individual customers:

ATF Exchanger

Engine Flush System

Coolant Exchanger

There are many benefits for the automotive shop owner in using these products. For more information please check out their web site. We want everyone to realize that we hammered on the Bilstein Team for over an hour, barraging them with questions, making them answer the potential objections of consumers, even swore at these guys. We told them we expect them to walk the walk and no BS, as is typical in the Industry. They stood tall and not only answered the questions, but truly believe not only in the product but our end customer, the actual consumer.

We made them show us they were real; we challenged everything from their family commitment, manhood and dedication to guarantees on the parts and components within their machines. We laid it on the line. Yet they kept coming back, with facts, they showed commitment; these high-energy guys are serious about the market, they get it. They want us to win, they want us to make money, they want happy customers and they want integrity in the market place. We hit them hard; we were looking for the best equipment, with the best features, the best price and the most efficient. Our team demands it and we must deliver. And you know what? Bilstein is all about delivering it, all of it.

It seems these days fewer and fewer companies will do what it takes in the long run to see that the automotive industry has quality equipment they can back up. It is great when we find such vendors in our markets and hopefully we will continue to find more. Think on this.