Friday, July 07, 2006

Coaching Cures The Loneliness of The Small Business Owner

Recently, I was asked to develop a show for a broadcasting company, and to get an idea of what theyre up to, I listened to an archived business program pertaining to sales.

Normally, I dont have time to listen to other sales trainers or purported gurus, but it was lunchtime, and this was research, so I tuned in.

After getting over the geekiness of the guys voice, I started to listen to his message. It wasnt earthshaking or really new.

I found myself responding positively, nonetheless, because it is the voice of somebody interested in the same thing that Im interested in, sales and training.

Ive been there, is what this otherwise bland, nondescript character is saying, and to me, at that particular lunch hour, sitting by myself, well, I found it comforting.

This is one of the basic foundations of business coaching; one of the main reasons its thriving. In a word, most small business owners, despite their expertise and success, are lonely.

They dont have anyone to talk to, or to listen to, for advice and support.

I feel just a little funny writing about this, because tough guys, Black Belts in karate no less; we dont get lonely, right?

Its for wimps.

We dont need anybody's help, either, do we? We can go it, alone!

Right, its just these attitudes that get us into trouble, that isolate us, and that hinder our development and ultimate trajectory.

The best athletes dont succeed by themselves. Always, they have coaches nearby, who look out for them, who offer refinements here and there, who are on-call.

Call on a sales, customer service, success, or management coach, today, and youll find out, to your relief and pleasure, how helpful they can be!