Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Top 10 Dumbest Game Titles

You may not agree with the order in which they are in, that's personal preference.

But you have to agree that these are some pretty stupid game names.

1. "This Is Football"

Trust me, it is. Really.

2. "The Thing"

Where you shoot at the what-sits with the um stuff.

3. "Sweet 16 Licensed To Drive"

Unfortunately Mary-Kate and Ashley miss the true legal significance of this birthday

4. "Go Go Golf"

This is like calling Gran Turismo 3 ''Zoom Zoom Cars'.

5. "WWE Shut Your Mouth"

They should have included 'You Lycra Wearing Macho Meathead Freak' on the end
but they forgot.

6. "Rugby"

It surrrrrre is.

7. "F1 Championship Season 2000"

Has a championship in which you race the 2000 season, in F1.

8. "Speed Freaks"

A game full of freaks that are on speed. Don't bother playing this game, just go
downtown and you'll find the guys who inspired this game. Both kinds that is...

9. "Gitaroo Man"

Maybe the Japanese guys who made this game invest in a slightly higher quality
English translator, as obversely it wasn't working too good.

10. "Z"

Zed ... or Zee? The most basic game name ever and most people will say it

10-2. "Final Fantasy X-2"

Sorry, couldnt miss this one out. For making a mockery of Roman Numerals. Look
out for the sequel 'Super Final Fantasy X-2-7-4 Turbo Ultimate Gold Limited