Monday, July 03, 2006

Female Attraction Secrets: "The First & Most Basic Step To Becoming Successful With Women"

The first step to becoming successful with women is this:

Learn to have basic conversational skills.

You MUST be able to talk to anyone at anytime -- anywhere.

As simple as it may sound, this should be the first step you MUST simply master.

And WHY must you do this?

Well, think about it -- if you're able to literally talk to anyone AS and WHEN you like, don't you think you'll subconciously be improving your social conversational skills with people in general?

The idea for you to do so is so that you become more COMFORTABLE talking to people.

That's it.

Forget whether it's with a guy or a girl for the moment.

Just make 'talking to people' second nature for you.

If you're shy with the girls, then a good place to start is with the guys - especially the guys who are already great with the ladies.

Use them as practice.


Think about it, common sense tells you if you can't even feel comfortable talking to guys, what makes you think you'll be better off with the girls?

You can learn A LOT from these so-called 'players' as well.

Remember, the fastest way for you to become great with women is to MODEL after those who are ALREADY achieving the success that you want with women at the moment.

I have explained this technique in great detail inside my book at:

You see, once you're comfortable talking with the guys, then you can start moving forward and try talking to girls instead.

Remember: make GRADUAL improvements -- on a daily basis.

Think about it: If you can gradually improve your conversational skills by a mere 1% each day CONSISTENTLY, by the very end of the month, your conversational skills would have improved by a whopping 30%!

NEVER underestimate the power of gradual improvement!

The next key step here is for you to go out and TAKE ACTION.

Can you imagine how much more fun your life would be if you'll be able to just walk up and talk to any girl that you like?

With this skill in hand, you'll be able to mess around with any girl you choose, anywhere you like!

It could be just be the sales girl from your local shopping mall, to the waitress who serves you coffee, to even the girl sitting next to you in the bus stop!

Here's something you should also know when it comes to talking to women.

Most guys tend to try TOO HARD when they're talking to a woman -- a beautiful one especially.

They'll tend to be way too accomodating, friendly & 'complimentary' to the her which is exactly the OPPOSITE way that most 'alpha males' should be doing.

This is also EXACTLY the way that 90% of guys would be when they're talking to a woman which is wrong, wrong, WRONG!

What you SHOULD be doing in fact, is to NOT project the vibe that you're trying TOO HARD to gain their attention.

Remember: Be DIFFERENT.

For examples on how to be indifferent, it's all discussed in great detail in my “28 SureFire Ways To Instant Dating Success!” book at as well.

You see, most guys, especially the shy ones, they tend to be too afraid in trying something funny or something cool especially if its with a beautiful woman.

My question for you is this?

What's the worst that could happen to you if you did?

But before we go into that, let me tell you this, and this really is a FACT. More often than not, the worst things that you would normally think off, will most likely NOT happen at all!

It's just your mind playing silly 'ol tricks on ya, that's it.

Now, worst case scenario is even if you DID fall flat on your face trying, at least you did something DIFFERENT, unlike the 99 other losers that said the same lame, over-accommodating lines that she's so accustomed to all along.

You see, if you really want to be great with women, you must be a super 'ALPHA' bloke -- a guy who's NOT afraid to speak his mind AND do the right thing in any given situation and be the leader of the pack.

Not be all wimpy and accommodating and stuff...

Get it?

Think about it -- then go out and DO it.

You'll SEE the difference right away.

And you can thank me later, ok? ;-)

"So, How Big is Your Penis?"

As a result of dating for decades and chatting with many singles of both sexes, I've
gathered some interesting and helpful insights about men and women. Here are a

The Age Thing.

New millennium or not, it's still dicy for a guy to ask a woman her age, especially
after just meeting, and especially if she's over 35. When dating websites feature 60-
year old geezers who won't look at a woman over 39, it's not surpising why some
single women are age sensitive. Personally, I don't get the "old guy, young babe"
thing, but it is the way some guys think. The other obvious sensitivity has to do with
women who desire a family.

The ironic thing is how ignorant many guys are about this issue especially when
they're often the ones fueling it. To them, age is just a friggin' number. So, to those
men I say, "sure it's a 'friggin' number', and so is the size of your penis." Now there's
a friggin' number some guys aren't so quick to discuss.

The Size Thing.

Since many guys will think nothing of asking a woman her age in the first 2 minutes
of meeting, try this... when a guy asks your age, smile politely and tell him. Then
ask his penis size.

Of course most women I've encountered say they don't really care about penis size.
They claim they're simply not as preoccupied with physical attributes the way men
are. And judging from the couples I've seen, I don't doubt that theory. But I've
noticed there is an area where size does matter to women.

The Height Thing.

I've discovered that a man can be old, fat, bald, with a small penis and criminal
record, but God forbid he's short. With the possible exceptions of Danny DeVito and
Napolean most women have a real problem with short guys. I've made another
observation. A man can be old, fat, bald, with a small penis and criminal record and
be short, if he's a great dancer.

The Dancing Thing.

Having the ability to glide a woman around a dance floor is -- for a guy -- like
having some kind of super-power over women. Virtually any guy can enter a
crowded room, walk up to the most attractive woman in the place, and in seconds
be rubbing bods. Try that without music and you're talkin' 3 to 5 at Levinworth. The
crazy thing is that most guys aren't into dancing. They're simply clueless.

Bubble baths, football, and porn.

Call it a strong feminine side but I actually like dancing. I also dig bubble baths.
Hey, don't get me wrong, I also love football and porn, but I'm telling you if more
women were into football and porn and more guys were into bubble baths and
dancing we'd probably have a lot fewer divorces. But that's another article.

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