Friday, June 23, 2006

Why You Need A Great Pair Of Jeans Right Now!

How many times have you tried to match stripes with spots, because they're both blue? Maybe you can pull something like that off, but most people can't - and when you're on your way to the grocery store, you're not going to spend an hour finding an outfit to squeeze grapefruit in. You need something fast and reliable, but still looks great - nothing fits that description as well as a great pair of Jeans.

For guys it's a no brainer - they can be as stylish as a cantaloupe and still put on a pair of jeans with a shirt and look fairly decent as they head out the door. That's because jeans go with nearly any shirt, and any pair of shoes except loafers with tassels.

As for girls, ever since Brooke Shields slipped on a pair of Calvin Kleins, most guys will agree there is nothing sexier than a girl wearing a great pair of Jeans. When a girl's got a great pair of jeans, she can wear those jeans with absolutely anything, including loafers with tassels, and look great. Getting them on may be a little tougher, but when they're on, so is she. She knows it, and so does everyone else. A girl in Jeans is someone you can be just a little more comfortable around, Joke with a little more, and flirt with a little easier. That's why some girls even describe themselves as a "T-shirt and Jeans kind of girl." They're just a bit more genuine and like-able.

But this article isn't about why you need a pair of jeans right now. It's about why you need a GREAT pair of jeans right now! What IS a great pair of jeans? That depends partly on you and partly on the jeans.

For guys it can be anything. Some guys wear their jeans about a half inch above their knee, baggy enough to fit 3 people in each leg. That might be great for them, but that's not going to work for the cowboy wearing a tight pair of wranglers - any Western girl will tell you that.

With girls however, the description of "great" is a bit narrower. I wont define great, but I've never heard someone say a girl looked "great!" in a pair of baggy jeans. Fortunately, most girls don't need to be told. They know how important a great pair of jeans are, and they also know how hard a great pair of jeans can be to find. So when you DO find them - the ones that fit your body just right - don't let the price tag scare you because if they look THAT good, you'll wear them all the time, which means you'll turn heads all the time. And you'll know right then and there that you need a great pair of jeans right now!