Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Veteran's Day: Remembering My Dad

My dad's first name was George. He was born on February 22, George Washington's birthday at George Washington's Mt. Vernon in Virginia, where his mom worked at the time.

My dad served in the Navy in WWII. He served on two ships in the Pacific, the Concord and the Valley Forge, both names associated with George Washington.

During America's bicentennial celebration in 1976, our local paper did a feature story on all the strange connections my dad had to George Washington.

He only talked about it once

My dad only talked about how he got a medal in WWII one time.

His ship had been hit, was on fire and taking on water. He and a buddy went below and began pulling men out of the mess below. He pulled up guys that were struggling but unhurt, guys that were wounded, guys that were dead, and grabbed one guy by the hair, and came up with just a head.

He only talked about it one time.

Always knew he loved me

My dad passed several years ago in 1997. He was not much for demonstrating his emotions. But I always knew that he loved me.

My heartfelt genuine thanks to my dad and all the other veterans out there.