Saturday, August 05, 2006

Don't Make This Mistake on First Dates With Single Women

What's one of the stupidest mistakes men make on first dates with single women? It's spending too much money on trying to impress them.

Some guys go to the trouble and expense of renting a limo, giving her a dozen red roses, going to the most expensive restaurant in town, or taking her to a resort, etc.

Please guys, save your hard-earned money and don't do these things to impress women on a first date. First dates are solely for the purpose of getting to know each other, share common interests, to see if you're compatible, and to see if there's any chemistry.

A lot of guys blow all this money on first dates that don't even work out. A lot of times you just don't hit it off and never see each other again.

Here's the Best Way to Invest Your Money for a Good Time First Date
While we are on the subject of first dates, let's talk about where to go on a first date. The most boring thing you can do is go out to eat and go see a movie. There at the restaurant you are trying to eat and think of something to talk about. Then you end up at a movie where you don't talk at all. Plus, you risk seeing a movie that's stupid and boring.

Let me suggest the best place to go for a first date. Go to a comedy club and I will tell you why:

This is the easiest way to entertain your date and make a good impression. Guess who's going to be entertaining your date and showing her a good time? The comedians!

They are going to make her laugh and you will be laughing together. And the good part about it is that she will look back on the date and feel that she really had a good time. The spirit of laughter is so good for the soul too. As a matter of fact, I think that all couples should go to a comedy club at least once a month.

P.S. - I would advise you not to give expensive gifts on a first date. Wait until you get to know each other better and there's a mutual attraction towards each other.


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