Monday, July 10, 2006

Why nice guys finish last!

So why exactly do nice guys finish last all the time?
Why does a jerk get any girl he wants, while the nice
guy goes out of his way for the girl and gets played
over and over again? For starters, it's all in how you
make the woman feel about you and herself. Nice guys
have a tendency to be extremely polite, friendly, shy,
romantic etc.

Jerks are rude, inconsiderate, impolite and tougher
then the rest of us, but do women actually like being
treated like crap? This answer might shock you. Women
don't actually like jerks over nice guys, it's just
that jerks don't feel the need to hide their sexuality
or sexual interest in the woman.

Nice guys usually feel ashamed, embarrassed, or afraid
of rejection if they show any hint of sexual interest
in a woman. Ok, women love sex probably more then we do,
it's a fact. In order to have an easier time in seducing
the girl of your dreams, keep your sexuality turned on
24/7 and never let up!

I don't mean be aggressive and force her to do anything,
but making jokes, hints, and innuendo will let her know
you are interested. If you act like a nice guy and don't
show any of these feelings, the woman will just brush you
off as if you're not interested in her at all.

So, start acting more sexual and flirty and don't stop
unless she tells you too. You can be a nice guy and get
laid, I take pride in being a nice guy, with tons of sex
appeal full of great emotions I enjoy sharing with women,
and this is the mentality you should be using for more
effective seduction results on any woman you choose!